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Qualified UKRSA racquet stringer

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut - Undoubtedly the best synthetic gut string available.  £13-00

It provides all round performance normally only found in much more expensive strings. Available in three different gauges – 1.25mm, 1.30mm, and 1.35mm – allowing you to choose between a high performance thin gauge and a more durable 1.35mm gauge, or a combination of the two. Brilliant performance, a real top value string.

RAB Texflex – All round playability and durability. £16-00

Offering a good balance between power and control. The string has a cushioned feel with minimum vibration.

RAB Endura Flex / Feel Hybrid – Poly monofilament and multifilament hybrid. £18.00

‘Flex’ mains offer superb durability and power while ‘Feel’ crosses the control and feel.

Technifibre Multifeel – Multifilament feel with good durability. £20.00

A thin monofilament core surrounded by 985 individual fibres giving it the feel of a multifilament string with durability more like a monofilament. Three gauges available, 1.25mm, 1.30mm, and 1.35mm. A great choice for touch and control combined with power.

RAB Endura Flex / Sensor Fibre Hybrid – Power and Control. £20.00

What more could you ask for. The power of the poly string and the soft control of the natural gut-like string working together. Current choice of our own Sam Bushell.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour – Powerful, durable monofilament. £20.00

The choice of numerous pro players including, until recently, Rafa. Great polyester string offering power and control.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour / Xcel – Power and control. £22.00

The powerful polyester monofilament string combined with the softer multifilament string for control and comfort.

RAB Sensor Fibre – Offers a truly natural feel. £22-00

Very small fibres offering a natural gut-like feel. Very good for those suffering with tennis elbow. Great touch, feel and power. Also brilliant as a cross string in a hybrid.

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power - Powerful monofilament. £22.00

Get with Marat Safin, James Blake, Richard Gasquet and a host of other big names who use Big Banger Alu Power. A really powerful monofilament polyester and aluminium string in a thin gauge to really grip and bite the ball. Luxilon strings are used by over 60% of the ATP Tour players, and over 40% of the WTA Tour. Find out why.

Babolat RPM Blast – Brand new polyester string for advanced players. £23.00

Current choice of Rafa – need I say more.

Babolat VS Touch – Natural Gut. £38.00

A natural gut string as used by Kim Clijsters. Superb performance – power, control, consistent tension.

Currently all restrings get a free overgrip.

The above are a small selection of recommended strings. With so many strings available; if you can’t decide what is going to be best for you – strings, tension, grips etcetera then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Other racket services:-

Replacement Grommet Strips fitted from £10  

Replacement Grips fitted from £3.00   

Overgrips fitted from £2.00

Vibration dampers from £2.00

Repair of broken racquet from £30

Racket optimisation & customization (including increasing grip size, adjusting weight or balance) – please ask for details